User Testimonials

Minimize Scarring

I just wanted to share my personal testimonial for our Healing Elements and Jade Roller! July 29th, 2020, I had surgery to remove skin cancer off my forehead.

As soon as my bandages came off, I was applying Healing Elements 3x a day to heal and soothe the wound and using the Jade Roller to gently roll perpendicular to the incision to break down scar tissue. At my 3 month check-up, my plastic surgeon said he had never seen an incision look so good and at that point it is usually the peak of redness and swelling and my scar was almost flesh tone and completely flat! I'm at the 4.5 month mark now, and my scar is barely even visible! I am so thankful for such amazing products!

-Joy Wildey-Black

Smoother Complexion

I’ve been using prebiotic facial wash, hydrating facial mist, and coconut rehab. I started using healing elements in my wrinkles/ deep laugh lines and creases over my eyes...look at this difference!! I’m so excited!!

1st picture is in December. Second pic is August!

-Melissa Lapier Latourelle

Dry, Cracked Heels

I was on my feet all day yesterday getting last-second Christmas shopping done with my son. So when we got home, I finally decided to sit long enough to give myself a foot spa. I am so glad I did.

These pictures were taken before the foot spa and the MORNING AFTER.

This was after only ONE foot spa 😱

All day my feet have felt amazing and soft. No dry spots. No cracks.

(I apologize for the dark photos--pregnant belly is already making it difficult to take foot pics!)

-Shari Marie Grubb

Cradle Cap

Our baby is one month old today! I have used only Prebiotic Baby Wash on her scalp and cradle cap is nowhere in sight! 🙌 As indicated, it "cleans without destroying the good bacteria present on the skin which are necessary for cell regeneration".

-Sarah Cheyenne


I have suffered from severe sciatica since 2001. I learned to live with it but recently, my lower back has been at a 10 on the pain scale. My husband graciously rubbed Revival Balm across my lower back and, to my great pleasure, ZERO pain for at least four days! Revival Balm to the rescue!!

-Jenny Whittington


My own testimonial with Healing Elements! I had a persistent spot of eczema. After 48 hours of applying just Healing Elements it is almost gone! 🎉

-Sara Tyndall

Crow's Feet

I have been using Anti-Aging Oil for my early crow's feet and general dryness and wrinkly around the corners of my eyes for a week. Trust me, it was getting wrinkly, but it’s so much better now.

I am in my 40s, I’m going to put this all over my face now hahaha.

10 Minute Makeup


Brow Pomade in Dark for eyeliner, eyeshadow & brows (using dual brow brush)

Organic Mascara in Black

Flawless Color Concealer in Medium Beige

Mineral Foundation in Sand Medium

Mineral Bronzer in Honey Glow

Lip Gloss in Pout

-Deanna Andamasaris

What my VIPs Have to Say


Healing Elements Balm and Many Uses

Hi, my name is Elaine Burt, I have been with Rachael since 2018. The one and first thing I bought was Healing Elements Balm. This is a miracle worker; it works on chapped lips and cleared up my elbows because they were so dry.

I used to use Vaseline on my lips all the time (addicted) now I don't, I laugh at how much I used for years. Healing Balm I use for my face at night, burns, lips etc. My granddaughter said "did you know you can use this for acne?" and I said yes, so I gave her some to try, she loves it.

I have used other Lemongrass products and love them also. Rachael is the best she explains everything of how to use the products. 😊😊


Sensitive Skin and the Products

It is hard for me to pick just one favorite Lemongrass Spa product. I have fallen in love with their makeup and face care. I have super sensitive skin and allergies and none of the products irritate my skin. Since I have started using them, I have had almost no break outs and my skin looks so much better. I especially love the tinted moisturizer and the coconut rehab lotion.

-Melanie Daniels


Body Butter for Dry Skin

I’m trying to decide which product to do a review on! I love so many things lol!

I really really love the body butter! It has made my legs feel so smooth! My skin is always dry in the winter and I hate it! This body butter has been a game changer! I love the smell also!