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You have full, FREE access to a unique university to complete at your own pace. In the university, you'll learn:

  • how to market yourself on social media
  • how to create funnels and campaigns so people come to YOU
  • how to navigate your backoffice
  • how to hold one hell of a party, online or in-person
  • tips and tricks for success with this biz

This university is available to purchase for $297, but as a teammate, you get lifetime access for you AND your recruits for FREE!


"How much do I have to sell?"

The minimum monthly requirement is $25. That can be personal orders OR customer orders.

Will there be training for success?

There is a TON of training. Lemongrass Spa has a University to go through at your leisure and I have an advanced training for my teammates to complete as well.

Is there a Facebook Community?

There are many! You'll be welcomed into the consultant community with all of the consultants, where you can search graphics, suggestions for success, and see other's success stories.

You'll also be welcomed into my team Facebook group where we'll give shoutouts, create challenges, provide training and tips, and have FUN!

How much can I make in this business?

What is the compensation plan?

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